A Spicy life in Granada

Grenada is known as “The Spice Island.” Locally grown spices include cinnamon, cloves, ginger, bay leaf, turmeric, nutmeg, and chocolate!

The Point at Petite Calivigny

Our first stop is The Point at Petite Calivigny. This development is focused on wellness, incorporating high European standards and Hyatt management tools. It sits above Woburn Bay, on the south side of Granada. The properties face west and enjoy spectacular water views.  

The point at Calivgny is nearing completion of phase-I. The next project is the beach and waterfront cafe and bar. 

Phase I consists of 12 condos, and four villas with private infinity pools. The condos are divided into two sets of six, each sharing a pool, patio, and grilling area.

The condos are 1450 sf two-bedroom, two-bathroom units. The villas offer a larger 3000 sf, and are three bedrooms. The facility has a fitness center with a wonderful view.  

The asking price for the furnished condos is $750,000 plus $37,500 closing costs; $787,500. HOA is approx. $1550/month and includes utilities, tax, and insurance. The villas, with closing costs, are approx. $2.5 million. The owner/developer offers financing, 50% down and 5% interest. Payments are made in the USA.  

The Point at Calivigny offers on-site rental management with a 60/40 split. Click here for more information about ownership and investment in Granada.

PS. Owning a  condo here has made my top 5 list.

Villa Beach Cliff

The next tour is of the Villa Beach Cliff, a six-bedroom, six-bathroom vacation rental of the east shore of Prickly Bay. 

This large villa enjoys a year-round vacation rental income. The current owners are Canadian and have rented out the property for many years. The views are spectacular, and the reviews are all positive. 

Here’s what your guests will experience:

“Privacy & intimacy with family & friends is what you can enjoy throughout the 5,500 square foot retreat. Uniquely situated on an 11,500 sq. foot premium property at the very tip of Lance Aux Epines, Grenada’s most southerly, & desirable location. Delight your senses with refreshing ocean breezes, and spectacular panoramic views from our lookout, capturing the trade winds of both the Caribbean Sea & the Atlantic Ocean. Cool down in either of our 2 swimming pools, or on one of the terraces leading down to our private beach.”

Own a successful Caribbean vacation villa, offering 5+1 exquisite suites, and all of the amenities you would expect to ensure complete relaxation and rejuvenation for your guests. The asking price is $1,795,000.00 USD, includes FF&E. 


After the property tour, we went for a walk and found yummy eats and cool cocktails on the shore of The Carenage, a beautiful working port in St. George’s. I also picked up a sampling of the local spices to take back home.

Everyone agrees we need a vacation in Granada!

Granada, January 18, 2018

We toured two Luxury resort properties while visiting the island. Both properties are located in a popular tourist area known as Grand Anse.

Silver Sands

The first development we visit is Silver Sands.

Silver sands view 1
Silver sands 2

This is a view from one of the beachfront villas. This beach is absolutely beautiful, and farther to the right is a view of the port. The Silver Sands developers have tried to design the property so that it blends into the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The design and furnishings at Silver Sands is very all cool white stone, straight lines, and modern.

These beachfront villas are very expensive but do offer entire or proportional ownership. Silver Sands is also in the process of building the Hillside Villas which will be a bit less expensive. On-site management will rent the Villas as part of the Silver Sands Resort while the owners are away. This is a very high-end luxury property on a beautiful beach.

Mount Cinnamon

Mount Cinnamon sign

The next property we visited was Mount Cinnamon Residences. These residences are built on the property of the Mount Cinnamon resort and spa.  USAToday Readers Survey ranked Mount Cinnamon as the #1 resort in the Caribbean in 2018.

Mount Cinnamon view from villa

Mount Cinnamon sits on the hillside with a short walking path to the beach club which is directly on the white sands of Grand Anse Beach.

Mount Cinnamon beach

The views from the properties are wonderful! On-site property management will rent your property as part of the resort when the owners are away.  While owners are on the property, they can enjoy all the amenities available at the resort.

The furnishings in Mount Cinnamon varied from eclectic in the older villas to very sleek and modern in the newer units. I enjoyed the bold tropical colors and interesting architecture and furnishings in the older properties.


Grenada does have a citizen by investment option, but make sure you understand all the taxes and transfer fees first!

While on the tour bus, I saw a sign for new development in the same Grand Anse area called Kawana Bay. One more property to explore the next time I visit!

We stayed an extra few hours at the Mount Cinnamon beach club to have lunch and enjoy the Grand Anse beach. Grenada was the tour group’s favorite island. As we drove through town, we noticed the old-style architecture and narrow streets. We saw lots of businesses, commerce looked plentiful and interesting. We were told that Grenada is outside the Hurricane belt, which was a big bonus! A quick check to Wikipedia says that the island had been hit 3 times in the last 50 years, ..so not completely outside 😉

Water taxi

After a beach walk back to the Silver Sands Property, we were able to catch a water taxi back to the ship dock.

I really did like the look and feel of Grenada.  I would really like to spend my next vacation exploring the local culture, properties, and opportunities.

Would you like to tour the property during your next vacation? Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments!

Bay Side Living in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  The vehicles drive on the left side of the road, there is no Uber, but taxis are plentiful. Here is a nice overview from a local Real Estate Professional: https://allluxury.properties/st-lucia/

Ashiana Villa

We visited a 5 bedroom vacation rental home overlooking Marigot Bay. The large home can be booked by the bedroom; 1 bedroom sleeps 2 up to 5 bedrooms sleeping 10. The home is lovely with high-end amenities and a wonderful view. 

Google search Ashiana Villa to find reviews on several vacation rental sights. This may be the local rental management listing: https://isleblue.co/villas/vacation-rentals/caribbean/st-lucia/marigot-bay/villa-ashiana

I was unable to find a sales listing, but our local Real Estate Agent indicated an asking price of $1.95 million USD. Owning a second home that doubles as a vacation rental can be a lovely investment. The industry is so successful in St. Lucia that the local government is starting to regulate and tax vacation rentals.

Marigot Bay

We visited a buildable lot on Marigot Bay. There is really great investment potential here: https://allluxury.properties/property/marigot-bay-waterfront-property/

Marigot Resort and Marina

I finished the day poolside at the Marigot Bay Resort. The marina village is definitely worth the visit! I found real estate listings for both the Marina Village and the Resort. There is no MLS, so internet research is a must!

If you love St. Lucia, there are plenty of investment opportunities!

Saint Lucia, January 2018

St Lucia in the morning

As the cruise ship pulled into the St. Lucia Port, I got excited! The landscape, shoreline, mountains, and architecture; there is so much to see, and it is glorious! We toured three private re-sale homes on the island. Each property can be rented out as a vacation rental. Some have a rental history as well.

Villa Solimar

The first property is called Villa Solimar.  I have some beautiful professional photos that the listing agent shared with us, but they are too large to post in this blog. If you would like to see pictures of the interior, I have included the link to the property listing.

Villa Solimar 1

I thought the best thing about this property is the views and the abundance of outdoor living space. The property is located on a hill, near the front entrance of the port.  The ships, boats and some airplane traffic is entertaining to see, without any noise. There are water views from every side of the property. 

Villa Solimar 3


We talked to a Real Estate Lawyer at the next property we visited. St. Lucia offers citizenship by investment. St. Lucia is looking for investment, so they try to keep the process easy, but it changes. Although the process of purchasing property and obtaining citizenship may be easy, there are transfer fees and taxes that need to be considered; and can add a significant cost.

Villa Atlantis

Villa Atlantis is a sprawling, single-story private home. With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the house would be great for a family reunion or corporate retreat. The Villa is located on a hill, at a golf course, with wonderful vista views.

Villa Atlantis


The third property is called Manderley. It is an older home that incorporates just about all of the traditional Caribbean and European charm. High ceilings, balconies with views of the ocean and lots of fretwork. If you enjoy antiques and have an appreciation tor classics, check out this YouTube video, Manderley Tour, which is hosted by the gracious owner. This house sits on a one-acre lot, with room for an additional home.


Manderley has been a romantic vacation rental for several years with rental history and positive reviews, this could be a really fun property to own.

The Island life

St. Lucia seemed to be a vibrant active place. Commerce is healthy and I really enjoyed seeing all the marinas and boats moored near the beaches.

St. Lucia beach

I made a note to check out The Landings. We did not tour this property, but I would like to stay in the Resort and Spa and shop for property here. The property is located on the beach and surrounds a marina. Note to self: Boating is a must in St. Lucia!

St. Lucia marina

Would you like to tour investment property during your next vacation? Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments!

Elegant Living in St. Kitts

You can’t help but notice how lush and beautiful St Kitts is. The island is also home to four Medical schools, one of which is a veterinary school. The car ride was scenic and very enjoyable. The roads were smooth and wide, although traffic moves on the left side of the road. 

At the south end of the island is a new development with a naturally protected marina, Christophe Harbour. The Marina can accommodate superyachts. Christophe Marina offers freehold ownership of the berths; they can be purchased and held or rented out.  

The development is fairly new and offers both existing villas as well as buildable lots.  I enjoyed a cocktail at the Pavillion Beach Club. It is possible to dine at the beachside restaurant, but you will need reservations first because it is a members-only Cabana Bar.  The views are stunning!!

Properties can be purchased in entirety or by equity share. The Developers are American, and have developments in the USA. Speak directly to their Real Estate Staff regarding financing and purchases.

January 2018

We visited Kittitian Hill, at the beautiful Belle Mont Farm.  Belle Mont Farm is a hotel, while the Kittitian is an ownership development. The development is fairly new and there is a lot of opportunities to invest and build to your desire.

A quote from the Belle Mont Farm website: “From our farm-fresh cuisine and long treks through the forest, Belle Mont Farm invites you to experience an island escape unlike any you would encounter at typical Caribbean resorts, one where you can discover your best self while in harmony with the natural surroundings and the people who call this place home.”

People who purchase homes in Kittitian hill have the opportunity to obtain local citizenship. This could lead to possible tax and travel benefits for some investors. Ownership options include individual as well as shared options. When not in use by owners, the properties will be rented and managed by Belle Mont Farm.

The property is absolutely beautiful. The views, property layout, and amenities are all high end and well thought out. I felt healthier just being there. The open-air living and farm to table meals were so relaxing and yummy. Pineapples and other edibles dominated the landscaping.

The Kittitian is also in the process of developing and building individual villas and cottages.  The properties we toured are located up on the hill with expansive ocean views. We were told that they are going to also have a beach club with a golf cart shuttle.

St. Kitts is investing in infrastructure and welcomes visitors and investors. The locals that we met were very friendly and proud of the development. I would really like to go back to St. Kitts and Nevis to explore more of the local culture.

Sipping Rum in Old San Juan

San Juan has Uber!

San Juan is on the north side of Puerto Rico, and it was business as usual with no issues while Earthquakes were rumbling on the southwest side of the island. Officials in San Juan had considered canceling the annual Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, but decided that the party must go on! The Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

Cocktails at La Factoria

Puerto Rico’s Act 20 and Act 22 offers really nice tax incentives to encourage the relocation of high net individuals and their businesses that export goods and services from PR. For more precise information, please do your internet research and check out this personal experience. These programs have driven the real estate prices up in highly desired, pocket areas. 

Rooftop in Old San Juan

Per my 2018 blog: “One of the tour participants stayed in Puerto Rico for a week after the cruise, shopping for a property. Last I checked, she had an offer on a home.  I will enjoy watching her progress.” Lynn did purchase a home in Vieques. She has improved the home and uses it as a second vacation home as well as a vacation rental. 

Vieques is a small island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. There is a ferry that travels between Ceiba PR and Vieques. We met with Lynn to discuss her experience. There is no MLS, so finding a property for sale is all about who you talk to, and getting business done is all about who you know. Every step of the process was slow, included long lines, and was very low tech. Knowing how to speak Spanish or having a translator with you is a must. 

Between the tax incentive Acts, and the cumbersome purchasing system, concierge realty services are filling the gap. Hiring a concierge to facilitate your property purchase is well worth the money. They know the language, the customs, the processes and procedures, and they know the people.

January 2018.

My Caribbean property tour began and ended in San Juan.  This was 4 months after the devastating hurricanes. On the plane ride from Atlanta, I sat next to a roofing contractor who was going to spend a month in Puerto Rico helping with repairs.  When I was waiting to board the plane back to Atlanta, I saw a planeload of linemen arrive in PR to also work on repairs. The island suffered much damage. One tour guide said there were only a few of the hotels that were back up and running. Some of the tour participants were staying at hotels with brown water.  PR really let it’s infrastructure go. They had been having financial issues for some time before the hurricanes.  

We met with some real estate professionals before boarding the cruise ship.  They told us that there were a lot of foreclosure properties on the market. Many residents left the island just before and after the storm damage.  

I spent the first night before the cruise at  La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort.  The resort was beautiful and full of people.  We enjoyed the crashing waves on the beach and walked to dinner.  Old San Juan was looking good, with some minor damage evident. There was a street festival starting the day I departed.  Vendors were setting up and it looked great with blooming flowers everywhere. 

San Juan is big city life while being in the Caribbean. As a plus, and different than several other places we toured, traffic drives on the right.  PR has a very strong Mexican/Cuban feel; Spanish on the signs and spoken everywhere. 

I finished my stay in San Juan with a tour of the Bacardi distillery.  One of the tour participants stayed in Puerto Rico for a week after the cruise, shopping for a property. Last I checked, she had an offer on a home.  I will enjoy watching her progress.