The Convenience of 7-11

The closest 7-11 store is located at the corner of Driftwood and is a short 5-minute walk from the FLouse.  The store is always open and is clean, friendly and well stocked.

They carry a selection of wine and beer, sodas, snacks, milk, eggs, deli salads and sandwiches, bakery sweets, ice cream, pizza, simple groceries, coffee, and a Citibank ATM. They usually carry some beach toys and coolers too!

The convenience and selection will help make everyone in your vacation party happy.

My kids enjoy strolling to the store every morning for coffee and churros. We have taken a bottle of wine to the beach after sunset to enjoy the stars. 

There is a cut through to Outriggers which is located across the street, this makes stopping at 7-11 on your way back from sunset even easier!