Express to Key West

The Key West Express is a fast passenger ferry that travels between Fort Myers Beach and Key West, and Marco Island and Key West. I have taken the Key West Express from and to Fort Myers Beach several times.

  • The trip is approximately 4 hours, but can vary based on weather in the Gulf.
  • If you want to choose the perfect seat, get there when boarding starts. During peak season, tickets can sell out, so plan ahead.
  • Will you get sea sick? The sooner you take a pill, the better. You can purchase a motion sickness pill from the concession stand; it made me very sleepy. Taking one the night before may be better.
  • The interior of the boat is kept very cool to help reduce the effects of motion. An occasional walk helped keep my flip-flop feet warm.
  • You will loose cell service very shortly after leaving the dock. Your on a boat, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The concession stand has snacks, drinks, and sandwiches. There is also a full bar. They take credit cards while they have cellular service. Out on the Gulf, there is no cell service and you may need some cash.
  • You can bring a sack lunch with you. Please check the Key West Express website for luggage restrictions.
  • There are several screens throughout the interior seating area. The trip includes a movie. On my last trip, it was Forrest Gump.
  • There are several unisex bathrooms, (heads). We have traveled on sold out trips, and never had to wait very long to get in.
  • Smoking is allowed outside at the back of the boat.
  • There is an upper exterior deck for wonderful views. It is also very windy.
  • Table seating along the windows, row seating in the middle of the boat, and lounge seating near the bar. We are a party of two, and like to sit at the tables which seat 6; three facing front and 3 facing back. We have had many wonderful conversations with our fellow travelers.

Please click here for You have arrived in the Key West Marina!