You have arrived in the Key West Marina!

The Key West Express docks at a lovely terminal in the Key West Harbor. We arrived around noon and happily paid some porters to transport out luggage to the hotel we would be checking into later that afternoon.

There are so many places to eat, drink, shop and play in Key West. I can’t even begin to cover them all, but here are my highlights.

The dock walk along the harbor. The boats are beautiful and the oysters are fresh!

Rummer has it that this big boat belongs to Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Try to spend a night our two on the island. A day trip is just a tease. Key West has forever been known for it’s nightly sunset celebration. It can get a bit crowded in season and with cruise ships in port, but it is one of a kind. Street performers, souvenirs, fun food, and good cheer.

Duval is the main drag in Key West. There are many wonderful places a block or two off Duval, but you will always come back to Duval.

Cold cocktails, chilled raw oysters on the half shell, and view of the world going by.

Upper balcony at the Whistle bar above the Bull is a great place to hang out. Last time I was there, the open third floor was for nudists.

Key west is overrun with chicken and roosters. They are everywhere, in the bars and nesting under trees. Just keep in mind that the roosters make noise from sun up to sun down, and they are loud. This is a hen and her chick keeping the bar floor clean.

All the way at the other end of Duval,

is the Southern Most Point. A must do photo. There was a really long line, so we improvised.

If you get to the south end, also check out the pier, which was damaged during hurricane Irma.

Louie’s Back Yard and Cafe for ocean side dinning at it’s finest.

Get to Mallory Square for Sunset!

The sunset celebration in Mallory Square has been going on forever. Sailboat cruises and helicopter rides are also available to worship the sun and it’s glorious set.

And if you have more time, shop the art galleries, check out the sunken treasure museum, rent a bike, ride the trolley, check out all the shells and T-shirt shops, get a bar tending job and never go home……..

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