Sipping Rum in San Juan ’18

My Caribbean property tour began and ended in San Juan four months after the devastating hurricanes. On the plane ride from Atlanta, I sat next to a roofing contractor who was going to spend a month in Puerto Rico helping with repairs. When I was waiting to board the plane back to Atlanta, I saw a plane load of linemen arrive in PR to also work on repairs. They were greeted with applause.

The island suffered much damage. One tour guide said there were only a few of the hotels that were back up and running. Some of the tour participants were staying at hotels with brown water.  PR really let it’s infrastructure go in the years before the hurricane because of financial issues.

Hurricane damaged properties

San Juan beach

We met with some real estate professionals before boarding the cruise ship.  They told us that there are a lot of foreclosure properties on the market. Many residents left the island just before and after the storm damage and not all have returned.

I spent the first night before the cruise at  La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort.  The resort was beautiful and full of people.  We enjoyed the crashing waves on the beach and walked to dinner.  Old San Juan is looking good, with some minor damage evident. There was a street festival starting the day I departed.  Vendors were setting up and it looked great with beautiful vibrant colors everywhere.San Juan street 1

San Juan is big city life while being in the Caribbean. As a plus, and different than several other places we toured, traffic drives on the right.  PR has a very strong Mexican/Cuban feel; Spanish on the signs and spoken everywhere.

I finished my stay in San Juan with a tour of the Bacardi distillery.  My favorite drink is the classic Cuba Libre; Rum, Coke, and a wedge of lime.

Cuba Libra

One of the tour participants stayed in Puerto Rico for a week after the cruise, shopping for vacation rental property. Last I checked, she had an offer on a home in Vieques.  I will enjoy watching her progress.

San Juan Puerto Rico, January 2018San Juan street 1

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