Lush Living in St. Lucia

As the cruise ship pulled into the St. Lucia Port, I got excited! The landscape, shoreline, mountains, and architecture; there is so much to see, and it is glorious!St Lucia in the morningWe toured three private re-sale homes on the island. Each property can is rented out as a vacation rental.

Villa Solimar

The first property is called Villa Solimar.  I have some beautiful professional photos that the listing agent shared with us, but they are too large to post in this blog. If you would like to see pictures of the interior, I have included the link to the property listing.Villa Solimar 1

I thought the best thing about this property is the views and the abundance of outdoor living space. Villa Solimar 2The property is located on a hill, near the front entrance of the port.  The ships, boats and some airplane traffic is entertaining to see, without any noise. There are water views from every side of the property. Villa Solimar 3


We talked to a Real Estate Lawyer at the next property we visited. St. Lucia offers citizenship by investment. St. Lucia is looking for investment, so they try to keep the process easy, but it changes. Although the process of purchasing property and obtaining citizenship may be easy, there are transfer fees and taxes that need to be considered. They can add a significant of cost.

Villa Atlantis

Villa Atlantis is a sprawling, single story private home. With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the house would be great for a family reunion or corporate retreat. The Villa is located on a hill, at a golf course, with wonderful vista views.Villa Atlantis


The third property is called Manderley. It in an older home that incorporates just about all of the traditional Caribbean and European charm. High ceilings, balconies with views of the ocean and lots of fretwork. If you enjoy antiques and have an appreciation tor classics, check out this YouTube video, Manderley Tour, which is hosted by the gracious owner. This house sits on a one acre lot, with room for an additional home.Manderley

Manderley has been a romantic vacation rental for several years with rental history and positive reviews, this could be a really fun property to own.

St. Lucia seemed to be a vibrant active place. Commerce is healthy and I really enjoyed seeing all the marinas and boats moored near the beaches.St. Lucia beach

I made a note to checkout The Landings. We did not tour this property, but I would like to stay in the Resort and Spa and shop for property here. The property is located on the beach and surrounds a marina. Note to self: Boating is a must in St. Lucia!

St. Lucia marina

Would you like to tour property during your next vacation? Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments!

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