Cruising Property in the Caribbean

Seven nights on a cruise ship, one night in a hotel, five different island property tours, a couple meetings a day, and lots of new friends. Well, that was super fun!

Eastern Caribbean

This Real Estate Cruise is a whirlwind property tour of the Eastern Caribbean. We start at the north end with Puerto Rico, and finish at the southern end with Grenada.  There is an overall cultural transition from Latin American in the north to European in the South. The commonality to the roots of the settlements and development in all of the islands is the sugar cane plantations. Although the sugar cane industry is gone, the islands are thriving and beautiful.

Map of the Caribbean

This tour group island hopped aboard the Celebrity Summit. This is a lovely ship for my first ever cruise. A big selling point was Captain Kate. Wikapedia: Captain Kate McCue, when hired in 2015, was the first time an American woman had been in command of a mega ship.  Captain Kate has a fan club, the passengers were buzzing. I Can’t tell you how many people smiled, waved, and stood in line to take pictures, and shake the Captain’s hand. Capt. KateSeveral passengers told me they were on that ship specifically because of Captain Kate. If you would like to cruise with Captain Kate, she has been promoted to the Celebrity Equinox.

Yeah team Kate!

Our Caribbean property tour was created and led by Hibiscus International, which is a Canadian company.Friends Anne Brobyn with her partner and husband Kirk Sharpley, coordinate with Celebrity Cruises, local transportation, and the Real Estate Professionals that we meet along the way. The itinerary was jam packed with information and real estate experience.

As you may or may not know, cruise ship booking is based on double occupancy, so I needed a roommate. Anne and Kirk introduced me to Debbie, who was also traveling solo. Cruise ship roomDebbie has been on many cruise vacations, which was great for me as a newbie. Her No. 1 best cruise ship advise: As soon as you have your luggage in your cabin, take the 15 minutes to unpack and stow your bags. There were plenty of drawers and closet space for the two of us, and I stowed my empty luggage under my little twin bed. This created a low stress environment and we easily found our stuff when we were in a rush to get to the next property tour.

We had a great time on this trip, and learned a lot. It is one of those “work hard, play hard” kind of experiences. While on the ship, we enjoyed the silent disco, the snow covered martini bar, the hot tubs, and pools. The views were spectacular and the food was wonderful.Fun times on the ship

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PS. At one instance during the tour, I found my self telling Kirk, “All I want to talk about is vacation rentals.” DING!, the starting bell sounded in my head, and that was the the start of this website. Cheers! Pool deck on the Celebrity Summit

Would you like to go on an international Property tour?

Would you like to learn more about the Caribbean? The Caribbean Tourism Organization is a great place to start!

Please let me know if you have any further questions!